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Inside this horror anthology is the first appearance of Chango. I've always wanted to do a period horror story and at first I was thinking of doing a Western. After thinking about it I decided to go back much further in time with Chango being the first killer to walk the Earth. I didn't want to use any dialogue because I thought it would take the reader out of the story. As I was drawing this story I came up with more ideas of where I could take Chango to next. 

1 Frightful Night Comic (First Appearance of Chango)

1 Frightful Night, is a 28 page horror anthology. With five stories:

"Chango: The Killer Ape-Man" - Revenge has been around since the beginning of time. In this tale, we learn not to mess with someone just because they are different. A lesson three neanderthals are soon to be taught. (Art and Story by Metal Hand, creator of "Agenda" and "Laser")

"Survivor"- A ship is stranded in space. A man must make a choice to survive at all cost, even if it means doing the unimaginable. (Art and Story by Jack Gonzalez, creator of "Last Unicorn," and "Pins and Needles.")

"Fuckboy"- A sexist man thinks he’s about to score with the perfect girl at the bar, but gets more than he bargained for. (Art and Story by Brian Defferding, creator of "School: A Ghost Story.")

"Nightmares"- A girl struggles to cope with a nightmare that never seems to end, but is she really dreaming. (Story by Maria Gonzalez and Art by Jack Gonzalez.) 

"The Paleta Man"- It's date night and a young couple go out to the drive-in. After watching the first horror movie trailer, their tasty treats from the concession stand aren't what they seem. (Story by Mike Morales and Art by Noel Morales, co-creator and artist of Midlife Monsters).

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