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When I first started doing comic cons and live art shows, I always chose to do pop culture characters because that is what people wanted to see, but more importantly, buy. As time went on, as I walked through the artist alleys, I saw everyone doing whatever was popular at the moment. I was guilty of this too. I want people to come up to me looking for my characters and my stories so I went all in with my first book AGENDA: The Story of GY. At first, I planned to do a 4 book mini series but with a crazy work schedule it made it difficult to put the issues out in a timely manner so I decided to make a trade paperback instead. Check out the first preview I put together back in 2013 below. I've changed a few things here and there but you'll have to buy the book to see.

Our hero wakes up in a deserted village with no memories as to who and where he is. With the help of other villagers,his blank memories are filled in little by little. As this group of warriors track down the whereabouts of the missing villagers, our hero just may find the answers he is looking for. Who is he? What happened to him? The missing villagers are on someone's Agenda, but whose?

AGENDA: The Story of GY Trade Paperback Graphic Novel

AGENDA: The Story of GY is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Broke Drawers artist Metal Hand. A mix of sci fi fantasy and alien barbarians kind of in the same realm as Thundercats and Masters of the Universe. Follow our heroes as they solve the mystery of the missing villagers. Support indie comics by purchasing Metal Hand's first graphic novel, AGENDA.

108 pgs
Trade Paperback

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