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This was my monthly drawing challenge during October 2016 for Inktober, Drawlloween etc. I wanted to do some original pieces instead of fan art that I have done for the past few years. It really became a horror story for me as my wife and I separated in the middle of the month and that is why the book has 7 missing pages. I took that week off from social media to process everything. Life goes on. 

My Horror Story by Metal Hand Sketchbooks Only 31 Copies Made

Last October, my daily draw was a series I called #myhorrorstory. I wanted to do something different than the previous Halloween themed month long draw-a-thons (#horroryearbook, Night Gallery, Sixth Sense). This time I wanted to come up with stories for the illustrations, some based on true events, some on old ideas and others made up that particular day. During the month, I took a week off to deal with personal junk, which I'm calling "The Missing Week". 

I put together #myhorrorstory in book form with only 31 books made. Each book has 7 blank pages that will be used to create new and different stories in all of the 31 books. Basically, no book will be the same.

66 pgs
Trade Paperback

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