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In my store you'll find my graphic novels, sketch covers and sketch cards as well as new and old prints. Most of the prints won't be printed again as I have moved away from doing fan art to concentrate on my original characters and stories.

Insidious Bootleg 11x17 Print

Insidious Bootleg 11x17 Print


Watermark does not appear on actual print.

A print of "Insidious" on 11x17" 80lb. cardstock created by Broke Drawers artist Metal Hand.

Print does not come matted or framed.

This print is from Metal Hand's Bootleg series where he makes fun of the bootleg movie posters that are out there on the streets. Usually using pictures from other movies. It was then scanned at 300 dpi and adjusted and enhanced to create this high quality print.

This print will be shipped in a clear sheet protector, between two pieces of cardboard and shipped in a box via USPS Priority.

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